Wednesday, December 19, 2012

RYW 20: Bye Bye 2012

With the apocalypse coming, this might be the last podcast you ever hear, so get to it! It's a lot of fun during this episode as Synn recaps the best songs from the past six months. Artists include: Saving Today, ClosedEyeVisuals, The Nefidovs, Weslandia, Emperial, The Reagan Motels, Gwyn Fowler, Them Swoops, Martial Law, Complex Houses, Infinite Stylez, Emergency Ahead, Sultan Pepper, Luffy, and Synn. Yes, Synn debuts a song, despite him doing it while sick and not being able to properly master it. Check it out!

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

RYW 19: The Dirty Alphabet

Things go crazy when Synn has two guests on the show, David and The Kevin. We talk music, Superman, Hugh Hefner, what would happen is Sesame Street did an alphabet with dirty words, and a lot more on probably either the absolute best or absolute worst podcast episode. Artists include: Rhune Kincaid, Cherokee Red, Complex Houses, Infinite Stylez, The Herald Beat, and Via Coma.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

RYW 18: Good Vibes, Bad Microphone

This is a highly energetic episode full of positive energy, humor, and greatness. However, technical difficulties cause a decrease in audio quality. Still, a great episode! Artists include: SeanShan, Sultan Pepper, Emergency Ahead, Martial Law, and TdotBEAR.

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